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single size silk quilt set-100%silk-winter

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 single size silk quilt

guilt cover-100% cotton


quilt inner padding-1300gr-46oz 100% silk

1pcs pillow- 50x70cm-20x28in-400gr-14oz silk

pillow inner padding-400gr-14oz 100%silk

pillow cover-100%cotton

Our silk products are internationally certified by OEKO Tex 100.


Silk duvets are only natural and anti-allergic duvets. Those who have allergies at home, bronchitis, asthma and dust mites, and those who experience allergies in the environment should not be dust.

Therefore, those who are allergic usually try to keep their pillows and duvets hygienic by washing them at temperatures above 60 degrees.

Mold and mite cannot be accommodated throughout the life of the silk quilt. Dust particles are not released. It is enough to wash the case, as it is dirty.

Sericin protein only in the silk prevents the mites from remaining in the silk. Therefore, silk quilts, pillows and silk bedding products are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, asthma and bronchitis.